Prof. Dr. Türksel KAYA BENSGHIR

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E-İmza Kitabı (Türksel Kaya Bensghir - Ferda Topcan)

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E-İmza kitabı, e-imzanın kamu kurumlarında yaygınlaşmasının önündeki engellerin ortaya çıkarılması fikrinden doğmuş ve e-imzanın kavramsal yapısını, teknik ve hukuki yönlerini açıklamak, ülkemizde kamu kurumlarında e-imza uygulanma durumunu ortaya koymak üzere kaleme alınmıştır.

Kamu kurum ve kuruluşlarında e-imza uygulama profili ve yaygınlığı, uygulama sonuçları(getirileri, riskler ve olumsuzluklar), e-imza arşiv yönetimi ve mobil imza kullanımının yaygınlığının ortaya çıkarılması amacıyla e-imza uygulaması bulunan bazı kamu kurumlarında alan araştırması yapılarak yazılmıştır.


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   Information Communication Technology (ICT) has a vital role in sustainable human development. ICT applied to governmental procedures, more commonly known as e-Governance, aims to enhance government and public institutions’ efficiency, transparency and accountability by providing better public service and information delivery to citizens and stakeholders. More so, e-Governance enables greater interaction between government institutions and citizens, hence giving more voice to the public. To align itself with recent developments in e-Governance, Turkey is hosting the “e-Transformation in Public Administration from e-Government to e-Governance”, International Conference on e-government: Sharing Experiences. The conference will take place in Antalya from 8-11 December.

   Objectives of the conference include bringing together senior government officials, academicians, relevant UNDP experts on e-governance from various countries to discuss and share lessons learned and best practices for e-government practices and implementations. By creating a common platform to explore collaboration potentials where practical experiences on e-government project implementations are exchanged, the conference is expected to generate proposals for reasonable e-Government policies and strategies that cope with security and digital divide. In addition, the conference will serve as a venue leading to a permanent network of regional e-government leaders/e-government project leaders (eGOVNet Consortium).

   The conference will host a series of panels. The opening panel “Challenges and Opportunities of e-Transformation in Public Administration: Regeneration of eBureaucracy” will take place with guest speakers including the founder and director of the National Center for Digital Government, Jane E. Fountain and the founder and director of e-Government Center (eDEM) of Public Administration Institute for Turkey and the Middle East, Turksel Kaya Bensghir. Following the panel seven sessions on Challenges to e-Government, Knowledge Management, Legal, Security and Trust Issues in e-Government, Measuring e-Government, e-Participation, m-Government (mobile Government) and other topics including e-government standards, e-Learning, Document Management and others will be held. Further discussions will then take place in working groups and country cases/experiences.

   Turkey has been following developments in ICT closely. Becoming a party to the E-Europe+ Initiative in 2001 and, the country has launched the “e-Transformation Turkey Project” in 2003. The project seeks to transform Turkey into an information society harmoniously integrating all aspects of society, enterprises and public segments. Participants will include senior decision makers, governmental experts and practitioners, experts and academicians from leading local universities and research institutions and representatives from UNDP from Euro-Asia, Middle East, North Africa and the USA. There will be a total of 200 participants: 2 from each of the 50 invited countries and 100 from the host country, Turkey. The conference is organized by UNDP, Public Administration Institute for Turkey and the Middle East (TODAIE), e-Government Centre (eDem), Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) and the Statistical Economical and Social Research Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC). For more information, please visit

   UNDP Turkey’s 2004 National Human Development Report titled Information and Communication Technologies suggests Turkey’s e-Government policies are best viewed in conjunction with Turkey’s modernization process to integrate Turkey into global political and economic structures.

   For more information about the report, please click here.

Kaynak: New Horizons / UNDP Turkey Monthly Newsletter

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III. Ağ ve Bilgi Güvenliği Sempozyumu

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III. Ağ ve Bilgi Güvenliği Sempozyumu "Bilgi ve Toplum", 05 - 06 Şubat 2010 tarihlerinde Milli Kütüphane'de gerçekleştirilecektir. 

Ayrıntılı bilgi için:


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International Conference eGoverment Sharing Experiences

eGOVsharE 2009 Conference is a joint effort of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the eGovernment Centre (eDEM) of Public Administration Institute for Turkey and Middle East (TODAIE), the Turkish International Cooperation & Development Agency (TİKA), in collaboration with Statistical Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC). eGOVsharE 2009 will be held in Antalya on 8-11 December 2009 under the coordination of eDEM (eGovernment Center of TODAIE).

For decades, governments have been trying to be a part of eSociety by introducing eGovernment Projects; however, they have been facing many challenges in achieving the officially declared goals. It's an obvious fact that, instead of reinventing the wheel, exchange of experiences and collaborative actions are irreplaceable and vital instruments to overcome haunting challenges for the success of eGovernment Projects.

The main objective of eGOVsharE2009 is to provide a platform for leaders, public managers and professionals, researchers as well as academics from all over the world to share their practices, ideas and research results. Furthermore,  the conference will try to explore collaboration potentials through the exchange of practical experiences in eGovernment project implementations within the region as well.
We all cordialy invite you to participate to eGOVsharE2009 Conference.


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